Photo Gallery

Drone view of Wormsloe pollinator gardens

Monarch f ield crew in Mexico, Feb 2013

Netting monarchs in Mexico, Feb 2013

Mary Kate and Richard Hall modeing monarch-pathogen dynamics, Summer 2014

UGA Monarch Team Lunch, Summer 2014

Mary Kate inoculating plants with parasite spores

Julie Rushmore's graduation, Summer 2013

Shan Huang and Jamie Winternitz at graduation, December 2012

Emily Cornelius at graduation, Summer 2013

Dragging for ticks in WhiteHall Forest for ECOL 4150 (Apr 2012)

Beetle penny pull for ECOL 4150 (Feb 2012)

Bleeding beetles for ECOL 4150 (Feb 2012)

Dr. Daniel Streicker at Winter 2011 graduation

Alexa Fritzsche in full fish gear (Summer 2011)

Chimpanzee family group in Kibale, Uganda (Photo by J. Rushmore, 2010)

Montane vole in Colorado (2009; photo by J. Winternitz)

Chimpanazee in Uganda (2010; photo by J. Rushmore)

Salamander sorting at MLBS (2008; photo by. A. Pedersen)

Catching monarchs in Athens Fall 2007

Vampire bat in Peru (photo by D. Streicker)

Extracting hemolymph from monarch larva (photo by S. Altizer)

Merozoites of O. elektroscirrha in pupal hemolymph

2007 Graduates party at Agua Linda

Monarchs at Pismo Beach State Park, CA

Sampling monarchs for OE parasites in CA, Dec 2005

Spores of OE on a monarch egg

Monarchs emerging at UGA lab

Monarch eclosing in the lab

Rearing containers - transmission experiment

Swamp milkweed plots

Monarch-parasite transmission experiment

Northern Cardinal (Photo by A. Davis)

Cat and Ben in the field, 2005

Mist-netting for Cat's WNV study

Avian pox and feather mites

Costa Rica Field Work December 2008 Mountain Lake Course June 2008