Photo descriptions and credits. Center: Monarch butterfly larva (photo by S. Altizer); Clockwise from top L: Spores of the protozoan parasite Ophryocystis (Photo by A. Davis); Female Northern Cardinal (Photo by A. Davis); Chimpanzee juvenile in Uganda (Photo by J. Rushmore); Vampire bat in Peru (Photo by D. Streicker)


MonarchHealth Citizen-Science Project

Global Mammal Parasite Database

Butterfly Gardens Project at Wormsloe

Welcome to the Altizer lab at UGA

Our lab aims to provide conceptual advances in host-pathogen interactions across multiple scales, from within-host processes to community-level dynamics. We apply field, experimental, molecular, modeling, and database approaches to diverse study systems, including insect pathogens, avian diseases, bat viruses and mammal parasites. Specific themes we address include: host behavior and infectious disease processes, environmental and genetic determinants of host resistance and pathogen virulence, and anthropogenic processes affecting disease dynamics. We also study insect ecology, evolution and conservation, especially through our work with monarch butterflies. Our lab maintains a supportive environment that values interdisciplinary exchange, creativity, collegiality and engaging in outreach and education.


Jun 15: PhD students Dara Satterfield and Alexa Fritzsche received NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants for their work on migration and host-pathogen interactions in monarchs.

Aug 10: Congratulations to PhD student Dan Becker for receiving a UGA-ARCS foundation fellowship.

Aug 11-14: PhD student Dara Satterfield and former lab member Emily Cornelius organized a great session on citizen science at the 2014 Ecological Soceity of America meeting in Sacramento, CA .

Aug 15: Welcome to Cecilia Sanchez, who started her PhD in the Odum School of Ecology in Fall 2014. Cecilia originally hails from Colorado and plans to work on nutrition and infectious disease processes, focusing on Australian fruit bats.

Jun-Aug: Four new papers from dissertation chapters of current and former lab members: An analysis of overlapping parasite communities in carnivores was published in Journal of Animal Ecology by Shan Huang (link here). A modeling study on social networks, disease risk and vaccination in chimpanzees by Julie Rushmore is the August cover article for Royal Society Interface. A field study of MHC and parasitism in montane voles by Jamie Winterntiz appears in the September issue of Evolutionary Ecology (link here). A modeling exploration of resource provisioning and infectious disease dynamics by Dan Becker is in the July issue of Biology letters (link here).

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